In mid-seventeenth-century Rome, the patronage of the Barberini family engendered a period of great productivity for the genres of vocal chamber music and opera. The trios, duets, and solos featured on this program (both instrumental and vocal) represent the refinement of style that occurred in the Barberini court.  This program features works of the Roman composers who were heard at the Barberini court or served the Barberini family during the mid-seventeenth century.  The music of such composers as Rossi, Carissimi, and Cesti – named by Perti in 1688 as “the three greatest lights of our profession” – serve as the centerpiece, and other composers of the era such as Frescobaldi, Tenaglia, Marazzoli and Pasqualini (one of the Barbarini castrati) are also represented.  To complete the historical picture, a copy of the famous Barberini harp made for this prestigious family ca. 1630 will be played for this program.

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